Productivity, flexibility.

These are the fundamental characteristics that every company or professional in the AEC sector needs in order to minimize bugs and inconsistencies within any project.
Thanks to our deep knowledge of the application domain and our experience in analysis, design, harmonization and development of integrated GIS, 2D and 3D CAD solutions, we support our clients in identifying all the complexities by managing all the cases, even the most unexpected ones.

Our GIS services enable:

  • Harmonization of geographical databases;
  • Analysis of spatial relations;
  • Efficient data management;
  • Processing and conversion of data into the desired formats of use.

The experience of GeneGIS GI is based on the classification, correction, and processing of data acquired through the provision of specific services, based on customer needs. Some examples include: volume analysis, change detection and identification of possible interface with road and non-road infrastructure

Our CAD services include:

  • 2D and 3D CAD design on a small or large scale;
  • conversion from paper to digital format, which can be imported on the most common GIS and CAD systems;
  • conversion from raster to vector for: technical and architectural drawings, profile maps, plans, sections and network maps (gas, water, sewage, electricity and telecommunications).


GeneGIS GI uses the most modern CAD and GIS/SIT systems to update cartographic data, realize cartography at different scales, and associate them with the necessary themes. The company uses the latest topographic survey technologies, such as: GNSS receivers, Laser Scanners (terrestrial and/or areal), satellites, airplanes and drone (SAPR), in order to optimize costs to the customer and provide the service best suited for his needs. The use of such a wide range of instrumentation and related processing methods is possible thanks to our extensive and proven network of partners.

Parcel Mapping

Land Survey Mapping

Utility Mapping

Corridor Mapping

Forest Mapping

Cadastral Mapping

Contour Mapping

Raster to Cad Conversion

Civil Diagram

Machine Diagram

Oil & Gas Diagram

Railways Planning

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