Low-cost geolocation systems provide a global coverage geo-spatial positioning service that allows small and dedicated electronic receivers to determine their geographical coordinates (longitude, latitude and altitude) at any point on the Earth’s surface or atmosphere with negligible margins of error. The development of ad-hoc positioning applications, designed to be used on different types of devices (professional, semi-professional and smartphone/tablet tools), allows the company to provide customers with advantageous solutions – both economically and temporally – and makes it possible to facilitate the data acquisition phase in the field.

Il Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) è il termine con cui vengono indicati genericamente i sistemi di geolocalizzazione e navigazione basati sull’utilizzo di segnali radio trasmessi da costellazioni di satelliti artificiali in orbita. Tra i sistemi GNSS, si annoverano il sistema statunitense NAVSTAR GPS, il sistema russo GLONASS, il sistema cinese COMPASS-BEIDOU e, ultimo per comparsa ma non per questo meno importante, il sistema civile europeo Galileo.
The Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) is the generic term for geolocation and navigation systems based on the use of radio signals transmitted by constellations of artificial satellites in orbit. GNSS systems include the US NAVSTAR GPS system, the Russian GLONASS system, the Chinese COMPASS-BEIDOU system and, last but not least, the European civil Galileo system.
As often happens, satellite navigation has received an enormous initial impulse from military applications, but for many years it has been used for a large number of applications in the civil sector, in the professional instruments market and, above all, in the consumer sector.


The GNSS applications offered by GeneGIS GI cover various sectors, including:

Topographical and cadastral applications

Updating of spatial information system and geo-database

Survey of control points for photogrammetric applications from aircraft or drone

Geophysical and infrastructural monitoring

Support for the design and upgrade of permanent GNSS station networks

Geodetic support on global and national reference systems

Design and development of algorithms and systems for navigation from mobile devices

Location-based services (LBS)

Applications related to precision agriculture and earthmoving machinery.

Creation of permanent GPS station networks for the distribution of differential correction services and data in RINEX format.

Machine automation applications for earthmoving and agriculture.

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