We have automated all processing processes, making the service competitive and economically sustainable. Thanks to a very versatile technology, we are present in various fields: topography, architecture, archaeology, geology, medicine, 3D graphics.
The digital 3D models that we generate using the most advanced photogrammetric techniques are accurate and have realistic colors: necessary conditions especially for models whose use is mainly on the web or mobile device.
We also perform this service with the support of drones and/or telescopic rods, guaranteeing complete and reliable surveys. The possible integration with 3D laser scanner databases allows extremely detailed characterizations enhancing the peculiarities of the technologies applied.

Automatic digital photogrammetry or photomodelling enables three-dimensional models to be processed from digital photographs. Also known as Image-Based Modeling and Rendering or Structure-from-Motion, it consists of a set of photographs, which are processed through four steps:

  1. Structure-from-motion (SfM) and Multiview Stereo Reconstruction (MVS): reconstruction of the geometry recorded and processing of the point cloud;
  2. Mesh reconstruction: continuous surface reconstruction;
  3. Color application according to color-per-vertex mode and texture mapping;
  4. Scaling of the 3D model.

Drone-based photogrammetry, also known as SAPR, represents a further step forward in aerial photogrammetry. We can obtain very high definition images, which allow processing of very high quality with precision suitable for every need and with low costs.


GeneGIS GI can support you in your project by providing precise and accurate databases, containing basic information useful for any kind of subsequent planning and design.

Ground and air photogrammetry integrated with thermographic surveys.

Aerial photogrammetry for Precision agriculture integrated with multispectral surveys.

Aerial photogrammetry for civil and industrial inspections.

Aerial photogrammetry for civil and industrial inspections.

Terrestrial and aerial photogrammetry for archaeological surveys.

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