PA, environment and terrotory

We provide local and central government agencies with specialised technological solutions for management of the territory, natural and hydrogeological risk, land assets and traffic flows. We develop solutions to monitor and analyse complex environmental data, for the purposes of planning, control and safety.

Logistics and transport

We develop solutions to monitor and improve the efficiency of transport networks and supply services by optimising deliveries, transport time and goods management.

Energy, Utilities and TLC

We develop complete solutions for network management and implementation, measurement of consumption, operation monitoring. We support management services for complex nodal networks, including fibre optic networks, with contained migration activities and guaranteed territorial continuity.

Cultural heritage

We apply our Geographical Intelligence to projects for the conservation and enhancement of artistic and cultural assets.


GeneGIS GI conducts a constant research activity in the technological areas in order to identify, test and apply innovative elements capable of generating benefits and added value to the solutions offered to the market.