Information quality and security policy

GENEGIS GI S.r.l., by explicit commitment of the Board of Directors, of the Man-agement and of all the members of the corporate organization defines, as priori-ty purposes of its action, the continuous improvement of the quality of the products/services provided and the corporate culture aimed at attention to data and information security.
The founding elements of the action of the government functions, for the pur-suit of the aforementioned purposes, can be found:

  • In the growth of staff knowledge and skills in the networking & security;
  • In the constant monitoring of compliance with the contractual requirements defined with the customer and of his satisfaction;
  • In guaranteeing the confidentiality of information through suitable policies for accessing data and infrastructure;
  • In guaranteeing the integrity of the information by implementing behaviors and techniques aimed at safeguarding the information from unauthorized modifications and/or pro-cessing, guaranteeing for this purpose the historicization of the versions;
  • In guaranteeing the availability of information, ensuring its accessibility and use only when deemed necessary and for appropriate functions enabled for the purpose.
  • In controlling the efficiency of the development processes of projects – products and in the provision of services;
  • In monitoring the rules defined by the Integrated Quality and Information Security Management System;

To follow up on the defined actions, the government functions undertake to:

  • Ensure a periodic report on the level of customer satisfaction;
  • Plan the training activities necessary to ensure a growth in personnel skills consistent with the development of technologies in the reference sectors;
  • Guarantee the performance of audits aimed at monitoring the company’s ability to maintain the conduct defined in the Integrated Quality and Information Security Management System;
  • Keep the reference framework updated on the context, on the expectations of the interest-ed parties and on the risks that can generate events and/or incidents that are detrimental to the corporate reputation.

The Quality management system complies with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015,, standard and is the tool for attaining the objectives detailed above, with reference to the software and data development, training and user support service.

Milano, 01/10/2021.