Quality policy and protection of the company business  

The priority goal to which the Board of Directors, the Chair and all the members of the GeneGIS GI S.r.l. company organisation are explicitly committed is the continuous improvement of the quality of the products and services the company provides for its customers. 

This objective is shared by everyone in the company. 

The key tool used to implement this policy of continuous improvement of product and service quality is systematic monitoring of customer expectations and requirements.  

The following are considered to be priority areas of action: 

  1. Monitoring of customer satisfaction levels regarding: 
  • the ability of the company to meet contractually defined requirements in terms of the quality of products and services it provides; 
  • the ability of the company to respond to requests for variations with respect to contractually defined requirements, while maintaining product and service quality standards. 
  1. Implementation of policies designed to improve the quality of the company’s process for the selection, training and continuous awareness-raising of its personnel with respect to improvement of process quality for the realisation of products and delivery of services. 
  2. Use of appropriate tools to assess the professional characteristics of providers of services, products and/or means that are indispensable in the performance of company operations. 
  3. A constant focus on improving standard company production processes in order to facilitate control of efficiency and effectiveness and prevent possible risks arising from the context in which the company operates. 

To achieve these objectives, GeneGIS GI S.r.l. believes the following are of primary importance: 

  1. Production of a regular report on customer satisfaction with the products and services provided by the company. Once the results of the survey have been formalised, they will be discussed and analysed at a management review. 
  2. Annual planning of training and professional updating for company engineers, with a view to guaranteeing a skills level aligned with developments in technology. 
  3. Performance of audits to monitor the company’s ability to keep to the directives set out in the procedures and instructions and assess the planning of process development and improvement. 
  4. An updated overview of the context, the expectations of the parties concerned and the risks that could lead to harmful events for the company’s reputation. 

The Quality management system complies with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, standard and is the tool for attaining the objectives detailed above, with reference to the software and data development, training and user support service. 

Attachments: The quality policy 

Milan, 30/09/2017