PAGIS is a suite of webGis solutions for the Public Administration sector. It offers management solutions for land registries, urban planning procedures and cemetery services.

The Municipal Territorial Information System area provides civil servants, professionals, companies and citizens with a full range of alphanumeric and cartographic information on their local territory.

The system includes a section with all the digital cartography of the territory, including the technical map, aerial images, the Urban Plan, the limitations map, and so on.

Users can process an urban destination certificate without having to go to the townhall, while authorised engineers can directly forward an urban destination certificate application.

Dynamic display of all the information in the municipal emergency plan will also be possible.

The suite includes territorial monitoring systems, risk maps, all the material required to learn about risks and what to do in an emergency, with spaces for adults and for children.

All the data can be accessed via PC, tablet or smartphone.

Via email, the municipality will be able to contact all registered users in real time in the event of an emergency.

Note: these products are only directed to the Italian market