To ensure that its services are delivered as efficiently and effectively as possible, GeneGIS GI has organised its expertise and experience into three business units, each one representing a specific area of its offer. 

“DATA” BUSINESS UNIT, the fundamentals of GIS 

GeneGIS GI can provide customers with management services for raw and processed data, or for data integrated into software architectures developed on demand. Mastery of all the available key technologies (GPS, UAV, Terrestrial Laser Scanner, Air, Satellite, Mobile) means the company is able to process a particularly flexible and broad range of data. 

“SOFTWARE” BUSINESS UNIT, desktop and mobile solutions for all organisations  

The extensive experience built up on the main proprietary and open-source platforms, their customisation and production of manuals, makes the SOFTWARE business unit a valuable cross-sector resource in many areas of the offer, for customers of all sizes and market areas. 

“MANPOWER” BUSINESS UNIT, GIS on-site monitoring 

GeneGIS GI guarantees permanent monitoring at customer sites, providing on-going support and assistance on GIS projects. For many years, GeneGIS GI’s specialists have been a constant presence at the sites of leading energy players, government authorities, and consortia that manage services for public authorities. 

The three business units are supported by three units. 

“ICT INFRASTRUCTURE UNIT, which guarantees infrastructure services, and management of servers and software development and production environments. 

“CSK” UNIT, or Cloud Services & Key-Solutions, which guarantees coordinated, consistent management geared to the technical, technological and business growth of all “standard” key solutions (generally provided under lease contracts). Today, GENEGIS GI offers 9 key solutions: 

  1. roots (Software BU), logistics and delivery TOMTOM (Software BU), logistics 
  2. VAMP (Software BU), monitoring of naval traffic to protect underwater assets 
  3. Harvest (Software BU), an Android app for object detection on a territory  
  4. LEMOn (Software BU), an Android app for GIS monitoring from a mobile device 
  5. SINFI (Data BU), data migration on a single format 
  6. FME & Data Automation (Data BU), data migration 
  7. UAV&TLS (Data BU), technological solutions for monitoring and detection 
  8. PAGIS (Data BU), GIS solutions for public authorities 

FINANCED PROJECTS UNIT, which monitors and manages opportunities for project funding under European Union schemes and schemes organised by national and international bodies.