FME World Tour 2022

23 May 2022
FME World Tour 2022 - Our web conference ended successfully. We thank all the participants, who followed the presentations and showed interest...
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FME World Fair 2021

19 May 2021
The GS1 ITALY magazine, a body authorized to issue GS1 barcodes (EAN), the interview led by the journalist 𝐅𝐚𝐛𝐫𝐢𝐳𝐢𝐨 𝐆𝐨𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐬𝐜𝐚...
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FME World Fair 2021

18 May 2021
The FME World Fair event ended successfully. We thank all the participants who visited our pavilion, followed our presentations and...
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Pulse Final Online Workshop

24 Apr 2020
We're happy to invite you to our Final Online Workshop “Big Data and the Future of Population Health”. JOIN our communities of public health organizations, big data and AI experts, urban planners and researcher!
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GeneGIS GI wins the UNDP contract (United Nations Development Program) for the realization of a GIS in Uzbekistan

3 Dec 2018

Uzbekistan it’s a uniquely biodiverse country especially because of its geographical position between european, middle-eastern and asian territory.

The aim of the project UNDP / GEF and Uzbekistan Republic about Sustainable natural resource use and forest management in key mountainous areas important for globally significant biodiversity is to provide additional support to the country in its challenge to preserve biodiversity. This activity is funded by the UN’s Developement and its goal is to maintain and improve the sustainable usage of natural resources in high-mountain echo-systems.

GeneGIS GI has been entrusted with the development of a Web-GIS platform to manage the natural and environmental resources for the protection of biodiversity (BCIMS - Biodiversity Conservation Information Management System). 

In addition to the planning and implementation of the system, GeneGIS GI will also be in charge of assistance and: installation and configuration of hardware and software, technical support for the development of graphic interfaces and, furthermore, training for the data manager.

GENEGIS GI Sponsor at the annual conference Technology for All

6 Nov 2018
GeneGIS GI was involved as a Sponsor at the conference Technology for All  which took place on the 3d 4th and 5th of October in Rome and, furthermore, it was represented with it’s own stand dedicated to the projects and solutions recently developed by the firm.

This important forum – now on it’s 5th edition – is dedicated to technological innovation for Territory, Environment, Culural Heritage and Smart Cities and, this year, it was held in the prestigious location of Istituto Superiore Antincendi, in the archeological-industrial area of former milanese’s building Magazzini Generali.

The recently renovated format of this prestigious conference, offered high level information furthermore to business opportunities between Public Administrations, Universities and specialized firms.

In this occasion we talked about geoinformation and geospatial analysis, virtual and augmented reality, drones used for aerophotogrammetry, hyperspectral sensors imaging, BIM (Building Information Modeling) systems, italian technologies for smart cities and PNT (Positioning Navigation & Timing).

We also held demonstrative activities on the most sophisticated tools available on the international market.

The conference was structured with workshops, training moments and meetings to promote communication between producers and users of new technologies.

We have been particularly proud to be part of this event both as a Sponsor and as a specialized business in the Geo ICT sector.

GENEGIS GI wins the Prize for innovative businesses thanks to VAMP

30 Oct 2018
VAMP’s debut, even here in Italy, didn’t go unnoticed. Assintel, the National Association of ICT Businesses, screened and tested our solution and ultimately decided to award us with the Prize for innovative businesses.: it’s a great satisfaction to us and specially, a very rewarding coming back to work, after August’s break! We won’t hide how proud we are of VAMP (Vessel Alert Monitoring Platform), our innovativ app for the monitoring of offshore infrastructures.


VAMP enhanches safety for offshore operations by combining the structure’s geographical position with information on maritime traffic. In this way, it can alert ships considerd as a potential threat and notice the manager on board about the proximity (i.e.) of submarine pipings with an automatic message. Using the archive of the located ship’s positions, VAMP system can also assess the responsibilities for a suffered damage, by providing evidence of every boat that passed through the area in a determined time frame.

This is an extremely important tool for good maintenance and safety of offshore structures.

We believe that, thanks to the innovation brought by

VAMP, we will be having Market recognition, in addition to these important prizes.

GENEGIS GI celebrates GISday

16 Oct 2018
GeneGIS GI it’s organizing an open day, in it’s Torino’s venue, to celebrate GISday.

November 14th, from 8:30 until 19:30, you’ll have the chance to meet experts, see demos and exchange ideas between a coffee and a snack.

But let’s first clarify: what is GISday?

GISday it’s a world reknown event, established to broadcast GIS (Geographic Information Systems). It engages with different Institutions, Firms, Universities and Schools, in order to show to millions of people the potential apllications connected to digital geography, in everyday life.

A GIS system is, infact, not only made by software technology, data and applicable solutions, but it especially represents the cultural heritage of the million of people working in the most disparate sectors – such as politics, education and business – that use these systems on a daily basis for their activities.

GISday is sponsored by National Geographic Society, by Association of American Geographers, by UCGIS (University Consortium for Geographic Information Science), by United States Geological Survey, by Library of Congress, and by many other leader businesses in the ICT sector such as Sun Microsystems, Hewlett-Packard and Esri.

Don’t miss it!


FME World Tour, positive verdict on the two Italian stops

13 Jun 2018

FME World Tour 2018, the most comprehensive international event for the market’s leading geospatial data management platform, which integrates data from hundreds of sources to enable connectivity among different corporate applications, has come to an end.  

The tour’s two Italian stops – Milan on 29 May and Naples on 31 May – were attended by professionals from all over the country. Engineers from Safe Software, the Canadian company that designed and developed the platform, illustrated the latest functionalities implemented on the system to automate and optimise corporate data migration and transcoding processes. 

«FME is a solution that really can help companies, by making collection and migration of geographical and other data more efficient,» said Luca Raso, coordinator of the GeneGIS GI FME work group. «This is a platform we at GeneGIS GI are now very familiar with and use on a daily basis. The tour’s Italian stops generated a strong public response, demonstrating a high level of interest in the new features continually being introduced for the Safe Software solution.». 

2018 RED Summer School

8 Jun 2018
GENEGIS GI in cooperation with Engineering, leader of the RED research project, will be in Pont-Saint-Martin for the second edition of the RED Summer School training course.
The full-time formula teaches the participants to use new tools and methods, and to integrate and process data, for the ultimate purpose of divulging the results of the project.
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GeneGIS GI partners the MARR Group for logistics and IT services

8 May 2018
GeneGIS GI is partnering MARR, Italy's leading distributor of food products for the foodservice channel, to provide logistics and IT services.

The partnership covers installation of roots, our logistics management system platform, on the vehicles that make deliveries for MARR. The installation includes the Planning, Monitoring and Cold-chain modules.

GeneGIS GI has also developed an App (“TC”) to enable MARR’s commercial engineers to check that goods deliveries are on time.


PULSE, the website that analyses pollutant impact on public health, goes online

18 Apr 2018
The website of the Horizon PULSE project – Participatory Urban Living For Sustainable Environments, a platform for the analysis and dissemination of public health information collected with collaborative mechanisms – is online.

GeneGIS GI took part in the project, developing the cartographic dashboard for monitoring reported information.

The solution developed by GeneGIS GI is an innovative webGIS to be used to consult public health maps created through data collection.

The project began in November 2016. It investigates the correlations between atmospheric pollution, people’s social and behavioural characteristics and the development of respiratory diseases (such as asthma) and metabolic diseases like type-2 diabetes. The final stage will consist of the creation of “public health observatories” and the production of best-practice guidelines in the sample cities.

The objective of the analysis and monitoring activity is to transform public health from a reactive to a predictive system, enabling appropriate action to be taken to prevent the spread of pathologies. The processing of the data should also lead to the healthcare system becoming an inclusive collaborative system supporting public health.

In the five cities involved in the project (New York, Singapore, Barcelona, Paris and Birmingham), big data will be collected from a variety of sources: urban sensors, remote sensing, the devices of private citizens and IOT devices, free-access data obtained from healthcare systems and many more.


GeneGIS GI joins the PerFORM WATER 2030 team, for efficient sustainable water systems

7 Mar 2018
GeneGIS GI is a partner on the PerFORM WATER 2030 research project (Platform for Integrated Operation Research and Management of Public Water towards 2030) funded by the Lombardy Regional Authority. The project has been set up to establish a wide-ranging platform for research, development and implementation of technologies and decision tools designed to guarantee increasingly effective management of the integrated water service.

Innovative technologies of strategic importance for the entire public water management sector will be tested in the facilities serving the integrated water cycle managed by the CAP Group in towns in the province of Milan. The Blue Room of the Idroscale artificial lake in Segrate will house the physical base for joint research and innovation and the facility for developing modelling activities and operating tools.

The project will therefore be physically rolled across the province, covering 4 main activity areas:

WATER, with testing of the quality of water and optimisation of the distribution networks and waste water treatment processes. This activity also includes monitoring of emerging pollutants and atmospheric emissions.

SLUDGE, with the development and introduction of measure to reduce volumes produced during purification. Action will also be taken to convert sludge into heat and recover energy and raw materials from purification processes.

RECOVERY OF ENERGY AND RAW MATERIALS, comprising action to increase recovery of energy and raw materials inside the plant, upgrade biogas to biomethane and optimise anaerobic digestion operations.

SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC ACCEPTABILITY OF TECHNOLOGIES, through stakeholder engagement and advanced analysis of costs and tariffs.

GeneGIS GI will be involved in the development of a web platform integrated with GIS technologies to optimise display of processes and analysis and monitoring data from the various testing areas.

The platform is intended as a decision-support tool, but it will be enhanced with additional content and functions to assist the circulation of results and knowledge.

GeneGIS GI for Amref Africa

26 Feb 2018
Amref Health Kenya, a Nairobi-based NGO set up to improve health conditions for disadvantaged people in Africa and implement reforms in the healthcare system, has chosen GeneGIS GI to provide GIS and Mapping & Survey services.

«We shall be involved in a two-year framework contract and join a small number of companies asked to provide their services for the operations of the NGO,» says GeneGIS GI CEO Giovanni Maria Casserà. «In addition to our professional satisfaction at having been chosen, we can’t hide our personal happiness at the opportunity to work with one of the most distinguished humanitarian organisations engaged in the fight against hunger, disease and poverty.».


ISO 9001:2015 certification renewed for the four company sites

26 Feb 2018
The procedures for the renewal of the ISO 9001:2015 quality certification, conducted by Bureau Veritas, for the four GeneGIS GI sites in Milan, Turin, Bologna and Benevento have been successfully completed.

ISO 9001, of which the 2015 version is the most recently codified release, is the benchmark standard for cyclical production process quality control. It begins from definition of customer requirements and involves monitoring of the entire production process.

«We are pleased that certification has been renewed and that our quality has been confirmed after the complex integration project that led to the creation of GeneGIS,» says GeneGIS GI CEO Giovanni Maria Casserà. «This is a positive indication that the company is becoming fully operational very quickly.».


Frontex chooses GeneGIS GI’s Italian GIS

16 Jan 2018
GeneGIS has been chosen as one of the three European companies – and the only Italian firm – authorised to provide GIS services for Frontex, under a 4-year framework contract.

Frontex is the European border and coast guard agency that controls and manages the European Union’s external borders, with responsibility for coordinating the pooled resources provided by the national authorities.

Geographical information systems (GIS) play an important role in Frontex. Activities such as planning, development and maintenance of GIS applications, supply of mapping services, processing of spatial data and relations with external geographical sources are considered essential for an agency tasked with control of the territory.

The GIS services that GeneGIS GI will be providing cover the design and integration of apps and software, development of spatial analysis tools, data management, advanced training of Frontex engineers.


In Colombia for the national land registry geoportal

20 Nov 2017
GeneGIS GI is strengthening its commitments in Central America with the “Soporte a la IDE Modernización de la Administración de Tierras” consultancy project for BSF SWISSPHOTO AG (Switzerland) on behalf of the Columbian government.

After the excellent results of the forestry management project in Honduras, GeneGIS GI has confirmed its commercial focus on the area, providing consultancy for the development of the first national land registry geoportal for Columbia’s central government.




Fast, efficient and cost-effective SINFI transcoding

10 Nov 2017
With GeneGIS GI procedures and software, SINFI transcoding is fast, efficient and more cost-effective than the market average. So it’s not surprising that over the last six months, GeneGIS GI has acquired more than fifty new clients for this service in the “telecoms and fibre” sector and has also received its first orders in the gas and water networks sectors.

The new SINFI – the national federated infrastructure IT system created by the Italian Ministry for Economic Development – implements a new geographical and mapping format to collect service infrastructure data. To obtain ministry approval, local public service operators are required to transcode the data on the infrastructure they manage (pipes, power networks, fibre networks, etc.) to the new format.


CSI Piemonte asks GeneGIS GI for a service extension

1 Oct 2017
CSI, the Piedmont regional authority’s IT consortium, has asked GeneGIS GI to extend the range of services it provides. The new activities require an additional number of GeneGIS GI professionals at the customer site, including specialists from the former Ise Net (a spin-off from Turin Politecnico, now merged with GeneGIS GI), who provide their specific expertise to the Piedmontese consortium.

The merger of the four companies that form GeneGIS GI makes invaluable new skills available to our customers and enhances our tools and knowhow so that we can address the market more efficiently and competitively,” said the company’s technical director Massimo Galluzzi.




GeneGIS renews application management services for RETELIT

19 Sep 2017
2017 september 19 - GeneGIS is continuing its collaboration – which began in 2014 – with the Infrastructure Sector of RETELIT, one of the leading Italian operators in telecommunication data services and infrastructure.

This year it has renewed its application management and data updating operating support services. New functions are also being developed for the geospatial resource management system, based on the G/Technology Fibre Optic Works application solution (Hexagon).


BiOlevano: GeneGIS GI develops new functions for supply chain workflow management

7 Sep 2017
2017 september 7 - GeneGIS GI has resumed collaboration on the development of new web-based functions for management of the “BiOlevano” biomass power station in Olevano di Lomellina, in the Italian province of Pavia. The Olevano di Lomellina power station went into service in November 2012, with an installed power generation capacity of more than 21 MW. Using poplar woodchips from short-cycle crops, it produces around 138,000 MWh/year of clean energy, to meet the annual requirement of approximately 40,000 families Considering the full wood biomass growth and use cycle, this type of power station releases zero carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

The software application developed in 2013 by GeneGIS GI (known at the time as GESP) manages data relating to the entire supply chain workflow: data of the contracted firms, technical characteristics of contracts and supplies, felling programs for the various plots, information on biomass felling, transportation and delivery operations.

The reporting module analyses expected biomass flows and compares them with actual deliveries to the power station. The software also automatically generates the data required for AGEA certification of biomass quantities.

GeneGIS GI for RED, an operational dashboard for landslide and avalanche risks

29 Aug 2017
2017 august 29 - GeneGIS GI is a partner on the Risk Evaluation Dashboard (RED) research project funded by the Aosta Valley Regional Authority, to develop an operational dashboard for management of avalanche and landslide risks.

RED aims to provide territorial management agencies with the information needed to conduct weighted predictive assessments on the type of mitigation action to take during checks and in an emergency.

Specifically, GeneGIS GI works with a helicopter transport company to conduct terrestrial surveys with laser scanners and oblique airborne photogrammetry.

The RED project will provide information and training courses for geologists, engineers and forestry specialists active in the Aosta Valley Region. The first 3-day “Summer School RED” ended on 7 July in Courmayeur with GeneGIS GI professionals acting as tutors.

“GeneGIS GI confirms its role as a key partner in territorial government and risk management,” said the company's business management director, Gianni Casserà. “We have built extensive experience in this sector through operations in many fields.”

“Slow Campania”, GeneGIS GI to develop the web platform

20 Jul 2017
2017 juy 20 - GeneGIS GI has been awarded the contract for the “Slow Campania” project of excellence funded by the Campania Regional Authority and the Ministry for Culture and Tourism. The aim is expand the Region's tourism offer with proposals relating to religious assets, integrated with existing nature and tourist cycling itineraries. The “Slow Campania” output consists of a web platform, mobile applications and promotional/divulgatory material in multimedia and printed form.

“We are delighted with this result,” said GeneGIS GI president Stefano De Capitani. “It consolidates our expertise in the conservation and enhancement of cultural assets, an area where we have already been active on a number of fronts, in Italy and abroad. The knowledge that our contribution is helping to enhance Campania’s important cultural and religious heritage is another source of satisfaction.”

GeneGIS is part of the GNSS raw measurements task force

16 Jun 2017
16 june 2017 - With the release of GNSS raw measurements for the Android environment, GSA has formed a task force to involve leading players in the positioning and GIS industry and increase innovation in the sector.

The aim of the task force, which was launched in June 2017, is to share knowledge about Android raw measurements and its use, including its significant potential for measurement with a high degree of accuracy.

The task force includes GNSS experts and scientists, and promotes wider use of these raw measurements.


Raffaele D’Ambrosio at #GLSummit17: “We are ready to support companies looking to optimise goods planning and delivery”

20 Mar 2017
2017 march 20 - Raffaele D’Ambrosio, sales manager at GeneGIS GI, talks about logistics and supply chains during an interview on the eve of the company's participation in #GLSummit17 in Bologna. The interview is published on the website of concordia – Professional Oriented Events, a leading organiser and manager of professional-oriented events and b2b events.

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