LEMOn is an object survey and geo-localisation APP for Android smartphones and tablets, intended chiefly for the “prosumer” market (an intermediate segment between the professional and the consumer markets). LEMOn guarantees reliable, documentable levels of accuracy, without the need for sophisticated and expensive surveying tools and techniques, which often provide an unnecessary degree of precision for the user’s requirements.

LEMOn can be used by anyone on their mobile device to survey objects and acquire spatial information and a descriptive component. Data acquired through LEMOn can be easily exported and integrated with automatic processing flows, including flows in «Enterprise» systems, for example using the other GIS solutions offered by GeneGIS GI.

LEMOn is part of a broader GeneGIS GI srl project offering tools and services for rapid surveying with mobile devices. The published versions of the app contain the basic functions for measuring, storing, viewing and exporting significant points, which can be enhanced with additional functions and verticalised capabilities at the request of the customer.

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