GeneGIS GI was established in 2017 from the merger of four ICT software and services companies with a specialisation in the GeoSpatial sector.This is our story.

Jan 2017


22 Jan 2017
2017: formation of GeneGIS GI with which GESP, GEOSLAB, GISITALIA and ISE-NET are merged.
Jan 2016


22 Jan 2016
2016: GEOSLAB acquires a majority holding in GESP into which it intends to merge the Group's other Italian companies.
Jan 2014


22 Jan 2014
2014: creation of ISE-NET, a university spin-off from Turin Politecnico specialised in territorial monitoring (terrestrial laser scanner surveying, GNNS, UAV) and technical-scientific IT applications for territorial and infrastructure management.
Jan 2012


22 Jan 2012
2012: GESP acquires SYSGROUP, an asset management specialist.
Jan 1999


22 Jan 1999
1999: creation of GEOSLAB in Benevento, for the dual purpose of setting up a technology centre for the production of 2D/3D numerical cartography and developing GIS software applications. With large numbers of clients in the State Administration, the company becomes a benchmark in cartography and territorial management for central and southern Italy.
Jan 1997


22 Jan 1997
1997: creation of GISITALIA in Assago (Milan), the first value-added distribution company dedicated entirely to Geographical Information Systems (GIS). The sole reference in the Italian GIS sector, in 2010 the company repositions as a provider of GIS ESRI solutions for the territory, engineering and architecture, and expands its international operations.
Jan 1977


22 Jan 1977
1977: creation of GESP, a company active in territorial planning and engineering. GESP quickly becomes one of the leading players on the GIS market in Italy, with offices in Milan, Bologna and Turin. It provides software solutions and services, based mainly on cartography, using all industry-standard GIS platforms (ESRI, Intergraph, Bentley, Autodesk, GE, Open Source). The company obtains ISO-9001 certification for its core business operations.