For nearly ten years, we’ve been dealing with the challenges faced by people like you, who handle large volumes of data on a daily basis and need to meet deadlines, ensure error-free data manipulation, and certify results.

We have resolved extremely complex workflow automation problems that enable our clients to save money and, above all, time. Daily data processing is very time-consuming and stops you focusing on the qualitative aspects of your job. Computers perform tasks quickly, technical engineers program them, control and govern them effectively, freeing up time for quality interventions where human action is needed.

Luca Raso

For many years Luca Raso has coordinated the FME workgroup, organising and managing the development of solutions to customer requirements. He works on technical and economic feasibility studies, with projects tailored to customers’ specific budget restraints.

Corrado d’Alessandro

Corrado is an FME specialist engineer certified by SAFE Software, with extensive experience working with the platform. He trained directly at the parent company in close contact with SAFE’s Canadian engineers and is our technical expert for automation functionality.


Andrea Favaccio

Andrea specialises in training, start-up and support. He is an expert in geographical and asset data manipulation, and handles conversions and web publishing.