Access to reliable information available immediately in the form you need

Information may be present in the company, but often it has to be manipulated and aggregated to make its full potential available throughout the organisation. GeneGIS GI helps you by creating automated workflows that will save you time whenever you need to use your data.

Connect your applications

Move information easily
and automatically
among different
without having to write code.

your data

Avoid problems and save time
when manipulating
and preparing data
by using FME’s library
of transformers.

Automate your workflows

Transform your data into planned processes so information can be used whenever and wherever needed, in the right format.

GeneGIS GI is the FME competence centre in Italy with all the services you need to implement data automation and data integration processes with FME.

Consulting and workbench development

Our consultants help you create complex workflows, analyse and develop custom applications or simply optimise services already created with FME.


GeneGIS GI offers support and consultancy on FME Desktop, FME Server and FME Cloud, helping its clients optimise the way they use FME technology from the word go.


Experience in using the technology and updating the latest versions of FME are the bases that enable GeneGIS GI to deliver value-added training services, in the classroom or through on-the-job training sessions.

GeneGIS GI is the only Authorised Partner in Italy for Safe Software’s products, FME® Desktop, FME® Server and FME® Cloud. It supports its clients by transforming database integration requirements into decisive added value for the success of their projects.

GeneGIS GI deploys personnel with Safe Software certification at all levels (FME Certified Professional, FME Certified Professional Server, FME Certified Trainer).