GeneGIS GI is a Geo-ICT specialist. It offers a full range of services to follow the entire lifecycle of projects based on geographical data, from acquisition of the raw data, processing and integration, through to the development of bespoke software applications.

“With more than 100 professionals, 40 software developers, twenty years of experience, services in over 20 countries, we are the most complete Geo-ICT solution provider in Italy, with the most significant international experience”

GI stands for Geographical Intelligence and underscores GeneGIS GI’s strong focus on an area of technical knowledge based on full understanding of geographical data and involving map-based technologies, area and object monitoring, surveying with drones and satellites, logistic tracking and tracing.

With ‘Geographical Intelligence’ we want to convey our expertise in integrating information into technological solutions that govern geographical and environmental complexity”

Geographical Intelligence embraces a huge range of requirements: from logistics to infrastructure management, commercial planning to environmental conservation, traffic flow management to socioeconomic planning.

“The Geographical Intelligence market is expanding fast. According to Geospatial World Magazine, the GIS system market will be worth 14.62 billion dollars in 2020, with an annual growth rate of 11.4%. Today more than ever, understanding the world’s geography is a vital strategic factor in the development of every type of business.”

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