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FME World Tour 2022

Our web conference ended successfully.
We thank all the participants, who followed the presentations and showed interest with questions and curiosities.

Special thanks goes to the speakers for their intervention and for having told how 𝐅𝐌𝐄 it is a solution for their projects.

We remind you, for those who have not had the opportunity to follow us live, that the recordings of the event are available in the “FME WORLD TOUR 2022” Playlist on our YouTube channel.

Thank you all

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GeneGIS GI will participate in the Transpotec LogiTec fair from 12 to 15 May

GeneGIS GI will be present at the Transpotec LogiTec fair from 12 to 15 May to present the “roots green logistics“ suite, a platform of integrated software solutions for logistics and transport.
Transpotec Logitec will be focused on the profound transformation that the market is experiencing: connectivity, sustainability and innovation improve vehicle performance, safety and efficiency, while integrated logistics solutions and new intermodal logics profoundly change business scenarios and the required skills. to road haulage professionals.
The format of the event, unique in Italy, is innovative and articulated: news and previews of vehicles, products, solutions, test drives of trucks and light commercial vehicles, business matching, conferences, training and moments of professional and playful aggregation of the reference community and gatherings of decorated.
Do you want to come and visit us? We will be present at the Pavilion. 22 – Stand H06 from 9:30 to 18:00
Mark the date and fill out the Contact Formhttps://rootsgreenlogistics.it/contatti/ – Roots Green Logistics on our website or simply send an e-mail to info@rootsgreenlogistics.it, we will be happy to send you a free invitation.

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Efficient Logistics publishes the third and last article on the European LOGISTAR project

On September 22, 2021, the last Plenary Meeting related to the LOGISTAR project was held at the University of DEUSTO, in Bilbao.

In particular, in the first part of the morning event, dedicated to the technical aspects of the solution, the speakers from different work packages presented the approaches followed and the results obtained in the different stages of testing.

Gaetano Formisano, Technical Project Manager and Technical leader of the project, presented the work results obtained in these three years.
In the session dedicated to work package 6, that is the implementation of the architecture and development of the platform, Gaetano showed the software in its entirety.

For further information read the article:


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Pangea Cloud support City Digital Twin’s activities

On September 30th at 3:00 pm, do not miss our presentation in collaboration with the University of Pavia, as part of the seminar promoted by the Technologies Cluster for Smart Cities & Communities – Lombardy.

Stefano Crepaldi Ph.D., will illustrate how Pangea Cloud can centralize and harmonize informations on infrastructure assets in City Digital Twin contexts.

Sign up here:


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Pangea Cloud, selected as the technological solution for the Pomerium project by e-GEOS, winner of the ESA (European Space Agency) “5G for Art”

Satellites, drones and 5G for the safeguard of the historic center of Rome

Signed the sub supplier agreement between GeneGIS GI Srl and e-GEOS SPA for the Pangea Cloud license and for the custom development of services within the POMERIUM 5G for Cultural Heritage project.

GeneGIS GI Srl and the Pangea Cloud solution have been chosen by e-GEOS for its ability to integrate with existing business systems.

In particular, as part of the project, we will deal with:

  • To integrate Pangea Cloud with the e-GEOS AWARE platform by extending the functions for the management of satellite interferometric data and 3D models;

  • To manage the bridge between the domains of the IOT devices and the sensors of the network devices;

  • To design and develop specific tools for the management of the Stability, Vegetation and Pollution scenarios.

For more details:



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Pangea Cloud is co-host of Phase One WEBINAR: “How Digital-Twins of Hydro-power Dams support Plant Operations”.

On 8/07/2021 we will deepen together with Phase One and DigiSKY, how thanks to Pangea Cloud it is possible to consult quickly and easily a large amount of remotely sensed data without compromising their quality. The end-to-end solution capable of supporting the monitoring and maintenance operations of the plants that IREN manages in extreme high-altitude environmental contexts.

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FME World Fair 2021

The GS1 ITALY magazine, a body authorized to issue GS1 barcodes (EAN), the interview led by the journalist 𝐅𝐚𝐛𝐫𝐢𝐳𝐢𝐨 𝐆𝐨𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐬𝐜𝐚 on the European project H2020 – Logistar, was published on the online trends website.
The goal of the Logistar project is to improve competitiveness in freight transport through digital technologies.
Here is where our Technical Leader Gaetano Formisano comes into play with his team; they have developed the dashboard of the software platform and the geographic information module equipped with a cartographic interface for real-time tracking of the fleet involved in shipments of various stakeholders who participated in the project such as Nestè, Pladis, Chep, Codognotto and Alhers.
A decision support system equipped with artificial intelligence and sophisticated technologies for fleet monitoring, to support the Tms (Transportation management system) of the companies involved in the project.
Multiple benefits and advantages:

• propose alternatives to co-loading and backhauling stakeholders;
• increase the load factors;
• optimize the management of logistics operations;
• actually reduce CO2 emissions by optimizing travel.

For more details and to read the interview click here.

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FME World Fair 2021

The FME World Fair event ended successfully.
We thank all the participants who visited our pavilion, followed our presentations and took part actively participating with questions.
Special thanks go to the speakers for their intervention and for telling how FME can be a solution for their projects.
We remind you, for those who have not had not the opportunity to follow us, that recordings are available on our YouTube channel.
Thank you all!

Link YouTube: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYHMXAxgEcV7x7hwYHeQYERs24FqIBETs

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GeneGIS GI is co-host of FME World Fair 2021

From 4 to 14 May, 9 days of in-depth study, networking and fun in the unique FME style. We will be present with dedicated spaces and sessions to make you participate in the world FME community.

Thursday, May 6th

06:00 – 06:30 PM CEST – FME and GPS Precision Farming.
07:00 – 07:30 PM CEST – University of Turin: FME to Validate and Integrate Real Estate Data.

Tuesday, May 11th

09:00 – 09:50 AM CEST – Smart City Planning, Data Traffic Integration and Landscape Analysis: a journey through FME projects of Italian users (con Planet Idea, Tom Tom e GeneGIS GI).

Following 40 minutes of live Q&A, Roundtable and AksTheExpert.


Come and take a ride on the Data Rocket Ship, it’s all free!

Follow us, look at the page and sign up here.

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