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GENEGIS GI wins the Prize for innovative businesses thanks to VAMP

VAMP’s debut, even here in Italy, didn’t go unnoticed. Assintel, the National Association of ICT Businesses, screened and tested our solution and ultimately decided to award us with the Prize for innovative businesses.: it’s a great satisfaction to us and specially, a very rewarding coming back to work, after August’s break! We won’t hide how proud we are of VAMP (Vessel Alert Monitoring Platform), our innovativ app for the monitoring of offshore infrastructures.


VAMP enhanches safety for offshore operations by combining the structure’s geographical position with information on maritime traffic. In this way, it can alert ships considerd as a potential threat and notice the manager on board about the proximity (i.e.) of submarine pipings with an automatic message. Using the archive of the located ship’s positions, VAMP system can also assess the responsibilities for a suffered damage, by providing evidence of every boat that passed through the area in a determined time frame.

This is an extremely important tool for good maintenance and safety of offshore structures.

We believe that, thanks to the innovation brought by

VAMP, we will be having Market recognition, in addition to these important prizes.

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GENEGIS GI celebrates GISday

GeneGIS GI it’s organizing an open day, in it’s Torino’s venue, to celebrate GISday.

November 14th, from 8:30 until 19:30, you’ll have the chance to meet experts, see demos and exchange ideas between a coffee and a snack.

But let’s first clarify: what is GISday?

GISday it’s a world reknown event, established to broadcast GIS (Geographic Information Systems). It engages with different Institutions, Firms, Universities and Schools, in order to show to millions of people the potential apllications connected to digital geography, in everyday life.

A GIS system is, infact, not only made by software technology, data and applicable solutions, but it especially represents the cultural heritage of the million of people working in the most disparate sectors – such as politics, education and business – that use these systems on a daily basis for their activities.

GISday is sponsored by National Geographic Society, by Association of American Geographers, by UCGIS (University Consortium for Geographic Information Science), by United States Geological Survey, by Library of Congress, and by many other leader businesses in the ICT sector such as Sun Microsystems, Hewlett-Packard and Esri.

Don’t miss it!


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