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PULSE, the website that analyses pollutant impact on public health, goes online

The website of the Horizon PULSE project – Participatory Urban Living For Sustainable Environments, a platform for the analysis and dissemination of public health information collected with collaborative mechanisms – is online.

GeneGIS GI took part in the project, developing the cartographic dashboard for monitoring reported information.

The solution developed by GeneGIS GI is an innovative webGIS to be used to consult public health maps created through data collection.

The project began in November 2016. It investigates the correlations between atmospheric pollution, people’s social and behavioural characteristics and the development of respiratory diseases (such as asthma) and metabolic diseases like type-2 diabetes. The final stage will consist of the creation of “public health observatories” and the production of best-practice guidelines in the sample cities.

The objective of the analysis and monitoring activity is to transform public health from a reactive to a predictive system, enabling appropriate action to be taken to prevent the spread of pathologies. The processing of the data should also lead to the healthcare system becoming an inclusive collaborative system supporting public health.

In the five cities involved in the project (New York, Singapore, Barcelona, Paris and Birmingham), big data will be collected from a variety of sources: urban sensors, remote sensing, the devices of private citizens and IOT devices, free-access data obtained from healthcare systems and many more.



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