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GeneGIS GI joins the PerFORM WATER 2030 team, for efficient sustainable water systems

GeneGIS GI is a partner on the PerFORM WATER 2030 research project (Platform for Integrated Operation Research and Management of Public Water towards 2030) funded by the Lombardy Regional Authority. The project has been set up to establish a wide-ranging platform for research, development and implementation of technologies and decision tools designed to guarantee increasingly effective management of the integrated water service.

Innovative technologies of strategic importance for the entire public water management sector will be tested in the facilities serving the integrated water cycle managed by the CAP Group in towns in the province of Milan. The Blue Room of the Idroscale artificial lake in Segrate will house the physical base for joint research and innovation and the facility for developing modelling activities and operating tools.

The project will therefore be physically rolled across the province, covering 4 main activity areas:

WATER, with testing of the quality of water and optimisation of the distribution networks and waste water treatment processes. This activity also includes monitoring of emerging pollutants and atmospheric emissions.

SLUDGE, with the development and introduction of measure to reduce volumes produced during purification. Action will also be taken to convert sludge into heat and recover energy and raw materials from purification processes.

RECOVERY OF ENERGY AND RAW MATERIALS, comprising action to increase recovery of energy and raw materials inside the plant, upgrade biogas to biomethane and optimise anaerobic digestion operations.

SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC ACCEPTABILITY OF TECHNOLOGIES, through stakeholder engagement and advanced analysis of costs and tariffs.

GeneGIS GI will be involved in the development of a web platform integrated with GIS technologies to optimise display of processes and analysis and monitoring data from the various testing areas.

The platform is intended as a decision-support tool, but it will be enhanced with additional content and functions to assist the circulation of results and knowledge.


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