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GeneGIS renews application management services for RETELIT

2017 september 19 – GeneGIS is continuing its collaboration – which began in 2014 – with the Infrastructure Sector of RETELIT, one of the leading Italian operators in telecommunication data services and infrastructure.

This year it has renewed its application management and data updating operating support services. New functions are also being developed for the geospatial resource management system, based on the G/Technology Fibre Optic Works application solution (Hexagon).


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BiOlevano: GeneGIS GI develops new functions for supply chain workflow management

2017 september 7 – GeneGIS GI has resumed collaboration on the development of new web-based functions for management of the “BiOlevano” biomass power station in Olevano di Lomellina, in the Italian province of Pavia. The Olevano di Lomellina power station went into service in November 2012, with an installed power generation capacity of more than 21 MW. Using poplar woodchips from short-cycle crops, it produces around 138,000 MWh/year of clean energy, to meet the annual requirement of approximately 40,000 families Considering the full wood biomass growth and use cycle, this type of power station releases zero carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

The software application developed in 2013 by GeneGIS GI (known at the time as GESP) manages data relating to the entire supply chain workflow: data of the contracted firms, technical characteristics of contracts and supplies, felling programs for the various plots, information on biomass felling, transportation and delivery operations.

The reporting module analyses expected biomass flows and compares them with actual deliveries to the power station. The software also automatically generates the data required for AGEA certification of biomass quantities.


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